MISS Annual Gadget Gift List

If you’re like us, you’ve finished most of your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday (who could turn down those deals?), picked up some last items at the Neiman Marcus/Target Partnership (online, we don’t wait in lines) and only have one person left on your list: the man in your life. To take the guess work out of holiday gift giving for the gadget lover on your list, we’ve put together our top picks.

41Mr-mEf2rL._SL500_AA300_1. Wireless Headphones: when you don’t want the cops to come to your late night dance parties.

Who knew there was such a range in the price (and quality) of wireless headphones. We saw them as cheap at $50 to as high as about $300 (Dr. Dre Beats we just can’t afford you). If you’re buying one, sure, it may not seem like a big deal but we want to get enough wireless headphones to have our own silent disco party. We love this Sennheiser RS120 over-the-ear style – the price was right at under $100 and the reviews on Amazon were great. Check them out here.

2. Solar Powered Battery Pack: for the camper, hiker and Bear Gryllis fan.

We love all the extra goodies this traditional solar powered battery pack comes with — like the strobe light, lantern light, dim light, USB port and a nifty little hook to hang it in your tent. Plus, the $25 price tag was just in our budget. Check it out here.

3. Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer: for the share the road type of guy. We aren’t going to lie. The number one thing about this little GPS system is that there is not set-up involved. You just pop it on to the included bike mount and you’re ready to roll (literally). Other great perks? The little computer tracks the time, distance, speed and calories burned of each of your bike trips and then stores it so you can retrieve it later and analyze your data on their free website. At about $130 we like this model best. Check it out here.



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