Holiday Countdown – What to Do This Week

2128165158_55522ccb4cThere’s only 15 days left ’till Christmas — and Hanukkah is already well on its way. We’ve got a countdown list prepared just for this week to get you prepped (or give you the push to get through) the holidays.

1. Tuesday: Go to the post office (now). Next week, on Monday, is the busiest day of the year at the post office — so don’t wait — send out those last minute cards and gifts today.

2. Wednesday: Exercise. If you’re like us, you’ll be spending this weekend getting random gifts for people outside the inner circle (teachers, gardener, nanny, neighbors) so you’ll probably skip this weekend’s work-out (we’re just being honest).

3. Thursday: Prepare your holiday tipping budget. Not sure if you’ve realized it yet, but you’ve got to tip all those people who have made you prettier, smarter, cleaner, more organized this year. This article is a great start. According to Consumer Reports 75 percent of people tip their house cleaners during the holidays and 8 percent tip the garbage collector.

4. Friday: Buy your holiday dress. We know the scenario — December 24, with only minutes to spare before you need to be at the (fill in the blank) house for your annual Christmas party. No dress, nothing to wear. Do us a favor — get a great deal on designer duds at The Real Real – one of our favorite online consignment shops.

5. Saturday: Book a blow-out for the company Christmas party. How good are you at hot rollers? Enough said.

6. Sunday: Order your New Years detox program. Just thinking about the cheese plate we’re going to devour makes us want to start this December 26. Check out one of our favorites Urban Remedy here.


Photo via Flickr: by paparutzi

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