Green Cleaning EZ Tips from Queen of Green

The holidays means parties, distractions, house guests and lots of clean up – we reached deep into our files for advice from one of the greenest cleaners we know Debra Lynn Dadd dubbed “Queen of Green” by the New York Times, and the author of Home Safe Home. It’s her business to keep us from inhaling a lungful of the neurotoxins and carcinogens found in many household products–tetrachloroethylene, sodium sulfate and haptane, to name a few
Cleaning floors? 
DLD: I have hardwood floors and usually all I need to do is use a damp mop. We take a preventive approach with regular vacuuming, so dirt doesn’t get ground into the floors.

Cleaning polished natural stone?
DLD: Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold was recommended by one of my readers.

Cleaning a bathtub?
DLD: I use Bon Ami.

Cleaning windows?
DLD: I use vinegar and water, half and half, in a spray bottle.

Cleaning toilets?
DLD: I like to use borax or baking soda or vinegar or Bon Ami.

Drain cleaners?
DLD: It’s been so long since I’ve cleaned a drain. I have these little fine mesh strainers on my drains and they really work. It really has been years since I’ve had a clogged drain.

Have we missed any of your favorite green cleaning products?  Let us know

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