Save Green on St. Patricks Day

What better excuse to throw a party than St. Patrick’s Day—sure it’s an Irish holiday —but everyone looks good in green, and we all love a holiday that celebrates mischief makers. We liked these cost savings tips from written by blogger Sydney.


Make it pot (of gold) luck style and bring your own beverage (and food)! If you’re hosting a party, get a few girl friends together as co-hostesses and simply make it a BYOBF. Your bank account will thank you for saving on funds and sharing the cost of party food and drink.

DIY decorations

Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper to hang on the wall; for most people, that’s plenty of decorations. Check out Pinterest’s DIY Saint Patrick’s Day page for more inspiration.

Cook traditional Irish foods

Baked potatoes are easy, very inexpensive and sure to be a hit. You can also try your hand at making soda bread, chicken and dumplings or Guinness corned beef. All Recipes is a great resource for Irish dishes.

Go to a parade

The majority of American cities have a parade for St. Patrick’s Day and these are free to watch and sure to entertain you for a few hours. Or, if you’re too far from one, watch the New York City St. Patty’s parade on television.

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