About MISS

Is it us, or has life gotten complicated? Healthwise–that apple a day has been replaced with Omega 3s, DEAH and power yoga. Getting a bank account? Would you like checking, savings or a Roth IRA? Oh, a checking account—well, with a minimum of $1,500 there is no charge, otherwise, we will nickel and dime you so you can never be able to balance it on your own. You’ve saved your money for that baby blue VW convertible beetle? Well is it best to get one used, new with financing or there is the diesel option, c’mon do you want to be part of the problem or the solution?

Knowing what to do with your life when you’ve just graduated college and are getting started is tough, which is why we have come up with M.I.S.S.—a simple system for tackling all the decisions in life. We’ll cover everything from interviewing skills, how to fit in with company culture and what to do when the boss sends a friend request to how to be financially fit, and stay there. We’ll teach you how to create a budget, save for retirement and get out of debt and we’ll pave the path to get you creating a wellness network and taking control of your own health.

Who are we? We’re journalists/writers/editors and women. We don’t think we have all the answers but we’re willing to stop and ask for directions–find those experts who do have that secret knowledge (what exactly is a 401K? Just how many calories are in Mac n’ Cheese?). Got a question you want answered? Email us at Misscontact@gmail.com


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