Is Your Salary Enough to Make You Happy?

Money just might be able to buy you happiness. According to a new study from Princeton University, earning $75,000 a year is just the right amount to make you happy. Make any more and sure, you might be driving a nicer car but it won’t bring you any more happiness. The more your income is below that level and the unhappier you’ll be.

According to an article in Time magazine, self-evaluation is, “heavily influenced by income.” The more money a person earns the more they feel like their life, “is working.”

The study authors, which include Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, say a higher income doesn’t bring someone happiness but it does, “bring you a life you think is better.”

Time to ask for a raise?

Single, Young and Without Kids? Chances are You Earn More.

There may be a new acronym floating around town: SYFWM — single young females with money.

A new study shows single women in their 20s without kids are bringing home a bigger paycheck than their male counterparts.

According to the study by Reach Advisors, in 2008, women without kids ages 22 to 30, earned 8 percent more each year than men in that same group.