Halloween Costumes

I was happy to see that we had so many hits on Somer’s post last year on Halloween Costumes on a Budget, It was a really good one!  So I did some online searching to see what’s hot for 2011. Along the way I found these good DIY options from, iCity.com

….If you have a prom dress or ball gown, or formal dress, all you need is a large white ribbon, glitter paint, a tiara, and a cheap zombie makeup kit, to make yourself a prom queen/beauty queen zombie. Easy and cute.

…..a year or so ago, I showed up in full suit and briefcase, wearing a namebag for the IRS and on the back I had taped a sign reading “kick me, I’m IRS.” I got a lot of laughs and extra attention for this

….These are my two guy costumes:
1.) Wear normal clothes but carry a sign that says “Nudist on Strike”.
2.) Be a “Devil’s advocate.” Buy a foam finger, wear a shirt that says “Go Devil!” or “Satan is my homeboy”, etc

But my favorite suggestions were from LA Times blogger, Suzanne Marques who warns us that there “will be too many sexy costumes and guys in t-shirts with stupid sayings” Ooops I guess I fell into the easy t-shirt trap;).  I didn’t like her Steve Jobs or Michael Jackson suggestions – c’mon some respect… but these were good.

Princess Beatrice

princess beatrice hat Top Halloween Costumes of 2011

Oh yes. There is a fantastic knockoff of the most ridiculous fascinator in the world.

4. Charlie Sheen

charlie harper Top Halloween Costumes of 2011

You can buy official Charlie Sheen shirts here.

5. Toddlers & Tiaras

toddlers tiaras Top Halloween Costumes of 2011There are many costumes to choose from, the hooker outfit in Pretty Woman, sexy cowgirl… prom queen… The best part? Bad Halloween wigs, fake tans and horrible frosted makeup work wonderfully! Begin building your costume with this wig, please.

6. Bridesmaids

bridesmaids Top Halloween Costumes of 2011

If you don’t feel like working that hard on your costume, head to the back of your closet or Goodwill for tacky bridesmaids dresses. You must do this with a bunch of friends.

7. Amy Winehouse

zombie winehouse 37 Top Halloween Costumes of 2011Man, I loved me some Winehouse. In fact, I went as her for Halloween three years ago. You can’t go wrong with Zombie Winehouse.

8. Book of Mormon.

book of mormon 1024x809 Top Halloween Costumes of 2011

Get out your black slacks, a crisp white button up shirt, black tie, hair gel and a bright smile. Add a backpack and a helmet and you’re golden.

Did we miss a good one?? Please let us know.