MISS Contributors

Mimi, Co-Founder

Mimi started her career in publishing working for free at a start-up magazine in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, floated through a few corporate editorial departments and is currently the executive editor at Marin Magazine, a regional lifestyle publication in Northern California. She has authored a guidebook, called Bilingual Babycare with important translations such as “What color was the —“, as well as an essay about her unrequited desire to become a Solid Gold dancer. She adores her two daughters, dog, cat and husband…in that order (list changes daily).

Where I was born: Kailua, Hawaii
Muse: Buttered popcorn
Sushi or burger: Sushi!
Favorite word: Marinate (as in think about)
Favorite brand of lipstick: Not yet…
Favorite beach on the planet: Kailua Beach, Oahu

Somer, Co-Founder

Somer is a globetrotting California writer and stylist who loves all things design. Her work has appeared in national fashion magazines, regional lifestyle publications, advertising campaigns, catalogs and this blog! Check out her book Girl in a Fix with real-world tips for surprise zits, renegade tresses and bad dye jobs.

Favorite Location: Napa Valley, CA
Nail Color: Russian Navy by OPI
Guilty Pleasure: Consignment Shopping
Book: Non-Fiction
Vice: Karaoke
Weather: 80 with a breeze

Deb, Contributor

Debbie (or Deb, just not Debra!) lives in the beach town of San Clemente. As soon as she visited the little town in 1996, she knew she found home. After about a million jobs, she found her calling in technology and all things web related. As the owner of San Clemente Website Design, she loves being able to explain nerdy things to small business owners and entrepreneurs – without making anybody feel stupid.

Favorite Book: The Confederacy of Dunces
Doesn’t Leave Home Without: Android Phone
Loves: All things Eddie Vedder
Fashion: Black
Food: Yes please!
Heart Belongs To: Her boys, Rohan and Walter

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