What Not to Do Today

2369734521_3717582d7c_mIn our ongoing series — counting down to the holidays — we have some very important advice for today:

Whatever you do, don’t go to the post office.

According to the postal service, today is the busiest day all year to ship or mail anything.

Still must mail? Try these time saving tips:

1. Outsource — with sites like Task Rabbit you can actually pay someone else to wait in line at the post office for you. You can hire your own personal assistant on a task-by-task basis and name your price.

2. Ship from Home — with the USPS print at home option. Schedule your pick-up online (you’ll need about 24 hours), pay from your computer and print the label at home.

3. Just Wait — if you want your package to arrive by December 25th and it’s a domestic shipment, the postal service says you can wait until December 20 for first class mail and all the way to the 22nd for express mail.


Photo via Flickr by: by Nieve44/Luz